Yesterday was the first full day of our — my mom and my — trip to Disney World. Before I give you the highlights of the day, let me just give you the lowdown on the mess of a day that was Friday.

We began our journey to Orlando at Harrisburg Airport. The airport’s convenient, but it pales in comparison to the majority of major airports. Since it is so small, we didn’t have a direct flight. As our 9:35 departure time approached, we had yet to board any plane. It turned out that there was a maintenance issue, so the airline would be flying in another plane from Philadelphia. About an hour later we found out that the new plane also had a maintenance issue…what are the odds? Luckily, the third time was the charm and we got on a flight to Atlanta and then to Orlando.

While my mom and I spent more time in the Harrisburg Airport than we would have liked, there was one sliver lining. I saw Michael Rady — the actor who played Kostas in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Yeah, the hot Greek guy who falls in love with Alexis Bledel’s character. I had never seen a celebrity in everyday life before, so it was exciting! He was with his family so I didn’t  try to get a picture or anything. Just knowing he was there was cool enough for me. Hehe!

Now, onto yesterday’s festivities — Animal Kingdom. This is my favorite park because of the animals, of course! I always look forward to the Kilimanjaro Safari and the Expedition Everest roller coaster so we had to visit this park first. We actually rode the safari tour twice, that way I was able to get tons of shots of the animals! We also saw the Festival of the Lion King performance and the Flights of Wonder bird show and rode the DINOSAUR attraction. And, along the way, we saw all of the animals — tigers, anteaters, flamingos, oh my.

Here are just a few of the photos from today…

IMG_2766 redone
IMG_2750 redone
IMG_2753 redone
IMG_3035 redone
IMG_3015 redone
IMG_3000 redone
IMG_3081 redone
IMG_2995 redone
IMG_2997 redone
IMG_2967 redone
IMG_2927 redone
IMG_2955 redone
IMG_2971 redone
IMG_3069 redone
IMG_2987 redone
IMG_2815 redone
IMG_2813 redone
IMG_2812 redone
IMG_2810 redone
IMG_2795 redone
IMG_2877 redone
IMG_2864 redone


Outfit Details:

Top — Reformation

Shorts — Target

Flannel — My dad’s

Shoes — TOMS


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