Yesterday was a Hollywood Studios day. My mom and I always like to ride the Tower of Terror and the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, but we were only able to ride the Tower of Terror. The roller coaster ended up being closed, but the funny thing is I wasn’t that disappointed. I usually love roller coasters, but lately they’ve been making me a little dizzy and nauseous. Guess I’m getting old. I can’t handle all the twists and turns anymore, hehe.

I also had one of the best veggie burgers ever at the park. That’s one thing Disney parks do well — food! It had fried onions, lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickles and this special spicy sauce. Mmmmmm good!

Today, we went to Universal Studios with our main goal being to visit the Diagon Alley addition to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Man, was it great! There was a fire-breathing dragon and Gringotts goblins — who looked lifelike. Oh, and the new Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts ride was amazing. It had 3D elements and holograms and hills. That was probably my favorite ride of the day! Once we got off, we took the Hogwarts Express to the other Universal park to ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey — that one made me a bit nauseous. Like I said, I’m getting old! And of course, we couldn’t leave without having some Butter Beer.

Universal Studios was great, but my legs and feet were dying by the end of the day! The bus we took to the park left at 7:20 and pick-up was scheduled for 7:45. But as you can probably figure – since this post will be up before 7:45 – we didn’t wait for the bus. We just took a taxi back. I’ll probably be asleep by 7:45!

IMG_3111 redone
IMG_3096 redone
IMG_3088 redone
IMG_3133 redone
IMG_3125 redone
IMG_3142 redone
IMG_3179 redone
IMG_3347 redone
IMG_3243 redone
IMG_3234 redone
IMG_3232 redone
IMG_3229 redone
IMG_3216 redone
IMG_3203 redone
IMG_3251 redone
IMG_3256 redone
IMG_3259 redone
IMG_3359 redone
IMG_3355 redone
IMG_3267 redone
IMG_3262 redone
IMG_3298 redone
IMG_3316 redone
IMG_3302 redone


Outfit 1 Details:

Dress — Brandy Melville

Shoes — Soludos (available here and here)


Outfit 2 Details:

Shirt — Free People (similar here)

Jean Shirt — Forever 21

Leggings — Black Milk Clothing (similar here and here)

Shoes — Sam & Libby via Target



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