Epcot was the destination for Tuesday and I think my favorite part is and has always been the world showcase. I love being able to walk through 11 countries in just a few hours! Where else can you do that? My mom and I had lunch at the Rose & Crown restaurant in United Kingdom and I had this amazing vegetable cottage pie. It was the only thing I could actually eat on the menu, but it was delicious. I also had a sugar crepe in France and watched a lumberjack show in Canada. As for rides, we enjoyed Epcot’s Test Track and Soarin’. Test Track had changed since the last time I’d been to Disney. This time, we designed our own car and then tested our design during the ride. While my car came out on top in the efficiency category, it came in last overall. Car design is definitely not in my future!

Our last day in the parks was spent at Magic Kingdom. We started the day off with Stitch’s Great Escape show followed by the Monster’s Inc. Laugh Factory. Then we rode the Jungle Cruise and It’s a Small World attraction. I think after four consecutive days of park-hopping and walking, we decided to take it easy today. No roller coasters, no spinning and a whole lot of sitting (during shows, on rides, at restaurants).

Tomorrow will be our last day and we’re going to head to Downtown Disney for some food and shopping. Then we have to prepare ourselves to head back to the winter cold in Hershey! Brrrrr.

IMG_3408 redone
IMG_3383 redone
IMG_3369 redone
IMG_3444 redone
IMG_3398 redone
IMG_3489 redone
IMG_3456 redone
IMG_3463 redone
IMG_3569 redone
IMG_3568 redone
IMG_3516 redone
IMG_3514 redone
IMG_3509 redone
IMG_3524 redone
IMG_3561 redone
IMG_3586 redone
IMG_3587 redone
IMG_3571 redone
IMG_3608 redone
IMG_3612 redone


Outfit 1 Details:

Shirt — H&M via Plato’s Closet

Shorts — Old Navy via Plato’s Closet

Shoes — Vans via Element


Outfit 2 Details:

Shirt — Lucky Brand

Shortalls — Brandy Melville

Sweater — Brandy Melville

Boots — Cliffs via DSW



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