When I saw the snow begin to fall around 10, I went to get dressed as quickly as I could because I wanted to take some snowy pictures! My boyfriend and I managed to take a little over 150 pictures in a matter of maybe five minutes. He just kept snapping away. Sometimes I get mad at him for that because he’ll catch me when I’m talking and my mouth will be open or I’ll be making the most absurd looking face. But for every not-so-flattering picture, there’s another that I absolutely love because he caught a more candid moment. (I really shouldn’t be making any complaints because I am so very lucky to have a boyfriend willing to take tons of pictures of me and my outfits!)

And I know I’m not exactly a snow bunny, but more of a snow bear in this oversized sweater jacket! I bought this a year ago at the LF store in La Jolla. Of course when I bought it, it was in the 60s so I had no need to wear it then. But it was just so cute, I couldn’t resist it! I layered that over my black H&M  sweater and added these white Mossimo jeggings. I’ve had the jeggings for going on a year now, but never wore them (I actually forgot they were in my closet). They were oh so comfortable and have a little bit of an edge to them with the zippers at the ankle. This was the perfect neutral winter look — at least in my opinion!

IMG_3892 redone
IMG_3902 redone
IMG_3808 redone
IMG_3891 redone
IMG_3823 redone
IMG_3813 redone
IMG_3862 redone
IMG_3853 redone
IMG_3878 redone
IMG_3880 redone 2
IMG_3852 redone


Sweater Jacket — LF

Black Sweater — H&M (similar here and here)

Pants — Mossimo via Target

Necklace — Lou Lou Boutique (similar here)

Boots — Dirty Laundry via DSW (similar here)


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