Say hello to my little friend…my bellybutton!! Haha, just kidding. That’s actually a little weird. But it is peeking out in today’s post with my Urban Outfitters sale find. This 4th & Rose Split Wing Tee was originally $69, but I got it for $20. Pretty good deal, right?

I like how at first glance, it looks like I’m wearing a dress, but then you see that it’s a little more edgy with the split right down the middle. If this were worn as a dress, we’d run into quite a few problems — the major one being the exposure of your “who-ha!” While I could have easily worn the top over jeans, I opted for my black liquid leggings to play up the more rock’n’roll vibe of the shirt. That’s why I added my Dolce Vita for Target boots too!

The top is still available online if you like it. Trust me, it’s worth the $20! When it gets warmer, you can wear it over a pair of high-waisted shorts (as is seen on Urban Outfitter’s website) and be good to go! It’s really quite versatile.

IMG_4035 redone
IMG_4041 redone
IMG_4004 redone
IMG_4050 redone 2
IMG_4037 redone
IMG_4010 redone
IMG_4006 redone
IMG_4015 redone 2
IMG_4028 redone


Shirt — Urban Outfitters

Sweater — Brandy Melville

Leggings — Charlotte Russe

Boots — Dolce Vita for Target


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