I don’t own much red — it’s just not a color I wear very often. But when I saw this sweater on the Free People website, I knew I had to have it! It was just so beautiful with the mock turtleneck and rose details, but it was out of my price range…that is until it went on sale!! If there’s something I’m interested in getting, I’ll check the website where it’s being sold at least once a day. I do this for two reasons:

1) To see if the item is still available in my size

2) To see if there are any specials or sales going on

I checked Free People’s website on Christmas day and guess what?! They were having a sale! I was able to get the sweater for 25% off. While it was still a little pricey, I didn’t feel as guilty about making the purchase.

Today I decided to layer the sweater over my black lace-trim tank top and black jeans. I also added my ASOS black wedge booties for some added height!

** The sweater is currently unavailable, but keep checking because you never know when someone may make a return or if Free People will bring the item back!

IMG_4415 redone
IMG_4350 redone
IMG_4320 redone
IMG_4429 redone
IMG_4427 redone
IMG_4349 redone
IMG_4347 redone
IMG_4340 redone
IMG_4426 redone
IMG_4399 redone
IMG_4398 redone
IMG_4387 redone
IMG_4373 redone


Sweater — Free People

Tanks (worn under sweater) — LF

Jeans — Zara (similar here and here)

Shoes — ASOS


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