This weekend has been absolutely beautiful and my mom came into visit so we had to make our way into DC for the cherry blossoms. Well I have to say that although the cherry blossoms are beautiful, I will never ever go in during the peak bloom weekend. Not only was it peak bloom, but it was also the first nice weekend in a long time so everyone and their mother was in DC and it was ridiculous. The metro was packed. There were lines to get to the escalator to get to the metro and there were just people everywhere.

I still managed to get a few pictures with the blossoms, but not nearly as many as I would have liked. Regardless, I had a good day. We ended it with a trip to Clarendon to get some of Pete’s New Haven Style Pizza (I had one with caramelized onions and mushrooms). We also got a fried goat cheese salad and man was that on point!! So delicious. You can never go wrong with goat cheese!! I also got a few things from Free People and my first fedora from South Moon Under. Keep your eyes peeled for a post with the hat. I’m pretty excited about it!

IMG_5670 redone
IMG_5637 redone
IMG_5652 redone
IMG_5642 redone
IMG_5636 redone
IMG_5639 redone
IMG_5648 redone
IMG_5634 redone


Outfit Details:


Denim Shirt — Forever 21


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