This was the first piece I ever bought from Reformation and I have been addicted ever since. Seriously, I probably pay the lease on their L.A. sewing factory!

I can’t even remember how I came across the site, but I know that when I saw this top I got butterflies in my stomach (that’s a sure-fire sign that I love something.) I don’t wear the top as much as I’d like to, mainly because I’m always worried a boob will pop out since I can’t easily wear a bra with this beauty, but the Boa top paired well with these River Island pants. The top is simple while the pants have a lot going on. They really balance each other out.

Honestly, if I had to pick one outfit that would describe me and my style this would be it. I’m a sucker for neutrals and am always drawn to anything white, yet I have an infatuation with rainbows and bright colors. Being able to put both together in one outfit is so truly me!!

IMG_7458 redone NEW
IMG_7421 redone NEWEST
IMG_7394 redone NEWEST
IMG_7440 redone
IMG_7466 redone
IMG_7464 redone
IMG_7510 redone NEWESTEST
IMG_7532 redone
IMG_7446 redone
IMG_7511 redone NEWESTEST
IMG_7486 redone
IMG_7491 redone


Top — Reformation

Pants — River Island via ASOS

Shoes — G by Guess via DSW

Watch — Vintage


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