Here I am once again wearing a CHRISTY DAWN dress. I just can’t help myself. I love all of her designs and I feel the need to scoop them up as soon as I see them because they tend to sell out quickly — like within a few hours!! I love how I can just throw this dress on, add a pair of cute shoes and be set. This dress is made from cupro and Christy describes it as a “silk-like fiber derived from cotton seeds,” that is “similar to rayon but breathes like cotton and has the most amazing hand.” She was not lying! This dress is so soft and light. It’s amazing!!

I actually got lucky on this one. The dress had been sold out, but I kept checking back everyday (several times a day actually) to see if anymore became available and lucky enough one did!! So I wasted no time and bought it. If I hadn’t I probably would not have gotten the chance to own this beauty and that would have been a darn shame.

IMG_7812 redone
IMG_7817 redone
IMG_7664 redone NEW
IMG_7635 redone
IMG_7677 redone
IMG_7814 redone
IMG_7687 redone
IMG_7750 redone
IMG_7745 redone
IMG_7699 redone


Dress — CHRISTY DAWN (sold out)

Shoes — Urban Outfitters 


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