Flowers and me go together like peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, Timon and Pumba. I love looking at flowers. I love photographing flowers and I love wearing clothing with floral prints!

This outfit was all about the daisy. I paired my daisy Lilou top from Reformation with my daisy button-up skirt from Brandy Melville and I really loved the floral on floral action! And when you pair two printed items together you don’t have to worry much about accessories because there’s already so much going on!

That’s what I liked most about this ensemble — it’s not-so-simple simplicity. Yes, I realize that sounds confusing, but I am only wearing three things: a top, a skirt and booties. That seems pretty simple to me, yet the addition of printed items makes the outfit exciting and interesting. So there you go. Here is my not-so-simple yet simple outfit. 🙂

IMG_8061 redone
IMG_7990 redone
IMG_8005 redone
IMG_8066 redone
IMG_8023 redone
IMG_8065 redone
IMG_8058 redone
IMG_7976 redone
IMG_8048 redone
IMG_8044 redone


Top — Reformation

Skirt — Brandy Melville

Shoes — Mossimo via Target (similar here)


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