How much simpler can this outfit get?! I just threw on one of my Christy Dawn dresses and some booties (though you don’t get to see them in the pictures). I could live in Christy Dawn’s dresses. They are so comfy yet stylish and they don’t require a lot of accessories — or any at all really.

I was taking a quick trip to Ice Cream Jubilee with my mom and my fiancè when I spotted this graffiti wall and had to stop. I don’t think my fiancè was really happy with me because he does not like driving in unfamiliar areas and I was taking him off course. But he can’t say no to me! Haha.

IMG_8429 redone
IMG_8465 redone
IMG_8427 redone
IMG_8397 redone
IMG_8386 redone
IMG_8330 redone
IMG_8328 redone
IMG_8455 redone
IMG_8434 redone
IMG_8399 redone
IMG_8462 redone
IMG_8323 redone


Dress — Christy Dawn


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