I have been in the need of new skirts lately and decided to check out ASOS, since I hadn’t been on their site for nearly a month (that’s a loooong time for me). I tend to check out my go-to fashion sites several times a week to see what new goodies they get in stock. It’s a major problem of mine because it inevitably leads to me wanting to buy more and more! Honestly I’m out of room in my closet so I don’t even know where any new stuff would go, but yet the search continues.

While looking through the new items, I realized that 70s style is on-trend again. I mean, check out these skirts from ASOS, these pieces from Zara and even the new Reformation collection. Hey I’m not complaining. I can’t say I was always a fan of 70s,  but I find myself drawn to this style. And guess what makes these styles even better?! Go ahead guess…….they come in fall hues!! Ahh and I just posted about my love of fall colors so I am beyond excited and cannot wait to get my hands on some of these 70s-style goodies!

Just look at all that denim and suede. Those materials scream fall and 70s! Feel free to pair these items with a peasant top or some chunky clog sandals (a la Charlotte Stone) to keep with with the 70s trend!

ref fall 6
Reformation Brea Dress — $268
ref fall 11
Boohoo Button Through A-Line Skirt — $35
ref fall 15
Zara Flared Jeans — $69.90
ref fall 5
Reformation Rochelle Dress — $98
ref fall 10
ASOS Denim A-Line Skirt with Zip Front — $47
ref fall 4
Reformation Sylvania Jumpsuit — $198
ref fall 9
ASOS A-Line Mini Skirt with Scallop Hem — $36
ref fall 14
Zara Suede Dress — $99.90
ref fall 3
Reformation Winfield Dress — $198
ref fall 8
Vero Moda Suedette Zip Front Skirt — $47
ref fall 13
Zara Suede Effect Skirt — $69.90
ref fall 2
Reformation Rosetta Dress — $218
ref fall 7
Fashion Union Denim Mini Button Through Skirt — $51
ref fall 1
Reformation Debbie Skirt — $158
ref fall 12
Zara Leather Skirt — $99.90



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