If you haven’t noticed already, I have quite the love affair with Christy Dawn. She makes easy dresses and jumpsuits in the most beautiful colors and floral prints. If I had all the money, I would probably own just about every piece she makes.

The Dawn dress is her namesake dress and her best-seller. It’s designed to fit a wide variety of women with a drawstring waist to keep it as tight or as loose as you want. Christy also designed it so it would be easy for new mom’s to nurse with a single button closure along the neckline that can be undone when the baby needs fed. But even if you’re not a mom, this dress is still a great piece to add to your wardrobe.

This Dawn dress actually came from Free People because I get 40% off of all their clothing since I work at Anthropologie (which is a sister brand of Free People and Urban Outfitters.) The same dress is available on Christy’s website and I think that version is lined. (The one I bought is quite sheer so I just stuck my Free People seamless romper on underneath.)

I really wanted to find a pretty outdoorsy location to take photos in this dress so I asked my husband if we could drive up 66 west and hope that something caught our eye…and lucky enough we found the perfect spot. We spotted Battlefield Park as we were driving and then took the next exit and found our way to this beautiful field.

Honestly, the park is filled with gorgeous places to take photos so we will definitely be back!

This is the perfect dress light and breezy dress for hot weather, so go snag yours now!

 photo IMG_1586 redone_zpssbkbtu1p.jpg
 photo IMG_1595 redone_zps9hsum5vs.jpg
 photo IMG_1599 redone_zpsqykaychi.jpg
 photo IMG_1654 redone_zpsbxeqjefg.jpg
 photo IMG_1604 redone_zpsmf76j8d5.jpg
 photo IMG_1628 redone_zpsgnjgrauk.jpg
 photo IMG_1657 redone_zpsg0jechkz.jpg
 photo IMG_1613 redone_zpsbuck8l9l.jpg
 photo IMG_1688 redone_zpsimbhj1ae.jpg
 photo IMG_1663 redone_zps9jaowqvl.jpg
 photo IMG_1598 redone_zpsjazcxxie.jpg
 photo IMG_1669 redone_zpsekgi7vlk.jpg


Dress — Christy Dawn (also available at Free People)

Shoes — Nine West (similar here)


2 thoughts on “DAWN DRESS

  1. Hi! What size do you order from Christy dawn? I know the dawn is a one size fits all but do you feel like her other dresses with sizing run small or large? I wish she had a size chart.

    1. I think she used to have a size chart, but I guess she doesn’t anymore. It really depends on the dress and whether it’s meant to be oversized or not. In some styles, like the Bergen and August, I get an XS. Otherwise I pretty much always get a small.

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