Fashion Week is in full swing and though we’re only four days in, I’ve already spotted some trends on the runway! Prints. Prints. And more prints! There are tons of floral skirts and gowns, not to mention quite a bit of pineapple and palm tree adorned ensembles — which I love! The Mara Hoffman collection was a favorite of mine. I love her boho designs and use of color and print!!

Pineapples and Palm Trees

trend 2
Looks from left to right: Mara Hoffman, Tomas Maier, Nicole Miller, Tomas Maier and Lyn Devon.

I also noticed a lot of deep V gowns with a bandeau top beneath. Hoffman, Monique Lhuillier, Tia Cibani, Sachin & Babi and Nicole Miller all showcased this trend. Finally, there were tons of matching two-piece sets.  Virtually all sets featured crop tops and some were paired with skirts while others were paired with trousers.

Deep V/Bandeau Combo

trend 1
Looks from left to right: Monique Lhuillier, Mara Hoffman, Sachin & Babi, Tia Cibani and Nicole Miller.

Matching Sets

trend 3
Looks from left to right: Nonoo, Mara Hoffman,Cult25 by Yigal Azrouël Nicole Miller and Zoe Jordan.

I spent a good hour and a half looking through nearly every collection that has been shown thus far and I have a lot of favorites! I apologize in advance for the length of this post; it’s going to be a long one! But I think you’ll enjoy it!

Zoe Jordan

nyfw zoe jordan
nyfw zoe jordan 6
nyfw zoe jordan 5
nyfw zoe jordan 4
nyfw zoe jordan 3
nyfw zoe jordan 2

Ulla Johnson

nyfw ulla johnson
nyfw ulla johnson 3
nyfw ulla johnson 2

Tomas Maier

nyfw tomas maier
nyfw tomas maier 5
nyfw tomas maier 4
nyfw tomas maier 3
nyfw tomas maier 2

Tia Cibani

nyfw tia cibiani
nyfw tia cibani
nyfw tia cibani 3
nyfw tia cibani 2

Sachin & Babi

nyfw sachin & babi
nyfw sachin & babi 9
nyfw sachin & babi 8
nyfw sachin & babi 7
nyfw sachin & babi 6
nyfw sachin & babi 5
nyfw sachin & babi 4
nyfw sachin & babi 3
nyfw sachin & babi 2

Rebecca Taylor

nyfw rebecca taylor
nyfw rebecca taylor 13
nyfw rebecca taylor 12
nyfw rebecca taylor 11
nyfw rebecca taylor 10
nyfw rebecca taylor 9
nyfw rebecca taylor 8
nyfw rebecca taylor 7
nyfw rebecca taylor 6
nyfw rebecca taylor 5
nyfw rebecca taylor 4
nyfw rebecca taylor 3
nyfw rebecca taylor 2


nyfw nonoo
nyfw nonoo 5
nyfw nonoo 4
nyfw nonoo 3

Nicole Miller

nyfw nicole miller
nyfw nicole miller 11
nyfw nicole miller 10
nyfw nicole miller 9
nyfw nicole miller 7
nyfw nicole miller 6
nyfw nicole miller 5
nyfw nicole miller 4
nyfw nicole miller 3
nyfw nicole miller 2

Monique Lhuillier

nyfw monique lhullier
nyfw monique lhuillier
nyfw monique lhuillier 4
nyfw monique lhuillier 3
nyfw monique lhuillier 2

Mara Hoffman

nyfw mara hoffman
nyfw mara hoffman 16
nyfw mara hoffman 15
nyfw mara hoffman 14
nyfw mara hoffman 13
nyfw mara hoffman 11
nyfw mara hoffman 9
nyfw mara hoffman 8
nyfw mara hoffman 7
nyfw mara hoffman 6
nyfw mara hoffman 5
nyfw mara hoffman 4
nyfw mara hoffman 3
nyfw mara hoffman 2


nyfw joie


Jill Stuart

nyfw jill stuart
nyfw jill stuart 2

Gary Graham

nyfw gary graham
nyfw gary graham 6
nyfw gary graham 5
nyfw gary graham 4
nyfw gary graham 3
nyfw gary graham 2

Cult25 by Yigal Azrouël

nyfw cult 25 by yigal azrouel
nyfw cult 25 by yigal azrouel 3
nyfw cult 25 by yigal azrouel 2


nyfw coach
nyfw coach 4
nyfw coach 3
nyfw coach 2

Christian Siriano

nyfw christian siriano
nyfw christian siriano 4
nyfw christian siriano 3
nyfw christian siriano 2

Chadwick Bell

nyfw chadwick bell
nyfw chadwick bell 3
nyfw chadwick bell 2

Adam Lippes

nyfw adam lippes
nyfw adam lippes 4
nyfw adam lippes 3
nyfw adam lippes 2


All photos courtesy of Style