I remember playing  Pretty Pretty Princess when I was younger. You had to collect all of the jewelry to win the game — the rings, the earrings, the bracelets and the crown. As I’ve gotten older I no longer wish to be a princess. I rarely wear pink and you’ll never catch me wearing a crown or tiara! That’s just not my thing!! I may not be as girly as I was when I was younger, but I still love to dress up and put outfits together (I mean duh, right? I have a blog based on my outfits!) Some days I still want to be girly and other days I want to vamp it up and go for a more rough around the edges look!! What’s great about clothing is that you can dress it up however you want to. For today’s post, I decided to dress up my Free People dress in two completely different ways. I went more feminine for the first look and more grunge for the second look! I hope that this post shows you the power of accessories and how they can completely transform any article of clothing in your closet!!

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For the more girly look, I added my floral short-sleeve shirt I found at my local Salvation Army. It adds a little bit of color and print to the look while still going with the ethereal pastel vibe. The loafers also have a ditsy floral print on as well. I also added my vintage belt and harmonica necklace to add a little playful twist to the outfit. As for my hair and makeup, I went with my go-to shade of blushing mauve (which is basically a mild pink tone) and put my hair in a braid! This look is more vintage, sweet and feminine!!

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I’ve had this leather jacket for going on a year now and I just hadn’t found the right outfit to wear it with, but I thought it paired well with this lace dress. The jacket adds a more rock’n’roll edge to the look. The black heeled boots further add to the overall grunge look. While my side braid could also be worn with this look, I think my hair looks better down and messy. It just pulls the look together a la Alice Dellal  (minus the half-shaved head). I layered a couple of necklaces and added this gold watch that belonged to my dad to bling it up a bit! And of course, I added a red lip!! It adds drama and goes well with the black accents in my boots and jacket!

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Dress — Free People

Romper (worn under dress) — Free People


Shirt — Salvation Army

Necklace — Jewel Mint

Shoes — Urban Outfitters

Belt — Vintage


Jacket — Blanc Noir via Nordstrom Rack

Cross Necklace — PacSun

Long Necklace — Urban Outfitters

Boots — Qupid via PacSun

Watch — Vintage