If you haven’t noticed already, I have quite the love affair with Christy Dawn. She makes easy dresses and jumpsuits in the most beautiful colors and floral prints. If I had all the money, I would probably own just about every piece she makes.

The Dawn dress is her namesake dress and her best-seller. It’s designed to fit a wide variety of women with a drawstring waist to keep it as tight or as loose as you want. Christy also designed it so it would be easy for new mom’s to nurse with a single button closure along the neckline that can be undone when the baby needs fed. But even if you’re not a mom, this dress is still a great piece to add to your wardrobe.

This Dawn dress actually came from Free People because I get 40% off of all their clothing since I work at Anthropologie (which is a sister brand of Free People and Urban Outfitters.) The same dress is available on Christy’s website and I think that version is lined. (The one I bought is quite sheer so I just stuck my Free People seamless romper on underneath.)

I really wanted to find a pretty outdoorsy location to take photos in this dress so I asked my husband if we could drive up 66 west and hope that something caught our eye…and lucky enough we found the perfect spot. We spotted Battlefield Park as we were driving and then took the next exit and found our way to this beautiful field.

Honestly, the park is filled with gorgeous places to take photos so we will definitely be back!

This is the perfect dress light and breezy dress for hot weather, so go snag yours now!

 photo IMG_1586 redone_zpssbkbtu1p.jpg
 photo IMG_1595 redone_zps9hsum5vs.jpg
 photo IMG_1599 redone_zpsqykaychi.jpg
 photo IMG_1654 redone_zpsbxeqjefg.jpg
 photo IMG_1604 redone_zpsmf76j8d5.jpg
 photo IMG_1628 redone_zpsgnjgrauk.jpg
 photo IMG_1657 redone_zpsg0jechkz.jpg
 photo IMG_1613 redone_zpsbuck8l9l.jpg
 photo IMG_1688 redone_zpsimbhj1ae.jpg
 photo IMG_1663 redone_zps9jaowqvl.jpg
 photo IMG_1598 redone_zpsjazcxxie.jpg
 photo IMG_1669 redone_zpsekgi7vlk.jpg


Dress — Christy Dawn (also available at Free People)

Shoes — Nine West (similar here)



I always feel like I’m waiting for the next season to arrive. When we had our long snowy winter, I kept lusting for summer. Then summer came and it was (and still is) insanely hot and humid. So now I’m just waiting for fall.

Really, I would just take a solid week in the low 80s or upper 70s, but I’m not quite sure when we’ll see that kind of weather.

Regardless, we all still have to get up and get dressed each morning and right now the less clothing the better. I went for this Reformation Tuesday dress made from lightweight viscose.

I honestly fell in love with the print of this dress before I fell in love with the style. Do any of you ever do that? Buy something because you like the color or print, not necessarily the shape or style of the clothing? Perhaps I’m alone in that, but the style ended up growing on me.

The collar felt a little constricting at first, but I now can appreciate the peter pan style collar. It’s pretty cute right?

Sadly this dress is no longer available, but Reformation has so many other great styles and they’re sale is still going on right now. Up to 70% off!!

 photo IMG_1559 redone_zpsmh0gjqz2.jpg
 photo IMG_1575 redone_zpsxssdy8h2.jpg
 photo IMG_1539 redone_zpshiufktpc.jpg
 photo IMG_1563 redone_zpscxlk4bg1.jpg
 photo IMG_1573 redone_zpsrc8t5ind.jpg
 photo IMG_1561 redone_zpsmy9anjhv.jpg
 photo IMG_1548 redone_zpsahahdojh.jpg


Dress — Reformation

Shoes — Jeffrey Campbell via Need Supply


Life has been crazy lately. I got married several weeks ago and last weekend, my husband and I moved to a new apartment. #adulting

Hopefully, we’ll get all of our wedding photos soon, so I can post them here for you all to see! In the meantime, I’ll be featuring another Christy Dawn dress — the Bergen.

I’m in love with Christy Dawn’s designs and in October, I’m going back to California and I’ll finally be able to visit her store in Venice!! I’m not one to get super excited about celebrities, but if I meet Christy Dawn I will totally freak out. Actually, if she’s in her store, I’ll probably just walk out because I’ll be too nervous. Ahhh!

If you’re not familiar with Christy’s designs, everything is made from deadstock materials (unused material left over by other designers or fashion houses.) Her focus used to be solely dresses, but now she makes jumpsuits too and I’m in heaven. I could live in jumpsuits!

This dress is the Bergen and it is the most perfect wrap dress! It is a tad shear, but that can easily be fixed with a slip or a seamless romper from Free People. The fabric is actually the same that Flynn Skye had used in some of her more recent designs. I love this dress so much that I actually just got another one. Christy is always killing my bank account, but if I’m truly honest with myself…I really don’t mind. 🙂

IMG_1149 redone

IMG_1138 redone
IMG_1196 redone

IMG_1201 redone IMG_1110 redone
IMG_1122 redone IMG_1083 redone
IMG_1151 redone

IMG_1198 redone
IMG_1178 redone

IMG_1103 redone
IMG_1161 redone

IMG_1101 redone
IMG_1167 redone


Dress — Christy Dawn

Shoes — Nine West (similar here)


I am far from a wild child. I’m the exact opposite really. I enjoy staying in, relaxing on the couch and watching TV. I’m not one to party. I don’t drink (mainly because I just don’t like the way any alcohol tastes) and I have never done drugs. The title of this post references the jacket I’m wearing — the Wild Child Jacket from Flynn Skye.

It just so happens this jacket is on sale through midnight tonight too!  Unfortunately the exact pattern I have is not on sale, but there are still a lot of other floral patterns that are just as beautiful!

The weather is starting to warm up here in Fairfax and I just can’t wait for Spring! While the temperature has been spring-like lately, I’m waiting for all of the leaves to come in and the flowers to bloom. Then I’ll really be happy! And do you know what else is happening this Spring?! I’m getting married!!! Just a little over two months from now.

More on that later, for now let’s get back to today’s outfit. These shorts are some of my favorites. I actually got four pairs for $20 at the Rose Bowl Flea Market two years ago.  I had to sort through several hundred pairs, and try them on right out in the open (but not to worry, I had one of Free People’s seamless rompers on so I was able to slip the shorts on over that.) The only thing is this pair is a little cheeky, as in you can see the bottoms of my butt cheeks. Some may be okay with the look, but it makes me self-conscious so I basically have to wear them over tights. But I can live with that!

IMG_0549 redone

IMG_0425 redone
IMG_0471 NEW
IMG_0437 redone

IMG_0548 redone
IMG_0580 redone


Jacket — Flynn Skye

Shirt — Garage

Shorts — Rose Bowl Flea Market

Tights — Target

Shoes — Qupid via PacSun

Necklace — She’s Unique (similar here and here)


I would never describe my style as sexy, but I would definitely describe this bodysuit from Reformation as such. According to the brand’s website, this bodysuit will make you feel 50-75% spicier and they weren’t kidding. I’d say I felt a bit spicy in it! Haha. (I can’t even take myself seriously saying that.)

I think this bodysuit works for me and my style because I don’t have much in the way of boobs, so it doesn’t come across as overtly sexy. I mean, there isn’t much cleavage going on in the pictures below.

By adding the floral duster from Free People and my new favorite rust booties, this outfit was just an amped up or slightly sexier version of my usual style. The only downside is that it takes a solid 10 minutes to use the bathroom because you essentially have to undress completely. But hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

IMG_0253 redone

IMG_0285 redone
IMG_0266 redone
IMG_0255 redone

IMG_0241 redone
IMG_0250 redone

IMG_0245 redone
IMG_0339 redone

IMG_0269 redone
IMG_0340 redone
IMG_0356 redone


Bodysuit — Reformation (similar here)

Jeans — Zara

Duster — Free People

Boots — Aldo