I love fall, especially the colors associated with the season. And burnt orange is probably my all time favorite color. I’ll wear it year round, but it just feels so right to wear it in the fall, doesn’t it?!

I’ve collected some of my favorite fashion pics featuring these earthy fall tones. I wish I could own every single item in the pictures! Sadly, my bank account won’t allow it 😦

But at least we can all enjoy the photos!

 photo Screenshot 127_zpsiiozhmkf.png
 photo Screenshot 117_zpsq6krldft.png
 photo Screenshot 83_zpsh34uh5i0.png
 photo Screenshot 82_zps3tadfjiy.png
 photo Screenshot 96_zpspt3pkvco.png
 photo Screenshot 95_zpsadvwcfjf.png
 photo e7587301-59b2-46ed-a728-9e3d1a01a24f_zpstpotezsk.png
 photo Screenshot 93_zpspttu2nxz.png
 photo Screenshot 91_zpsyftp9yel.png
 photo Screenshot 167_zps7d5khdkg.png
 photo Screenshot 130_zpsyfay2dhv.png
 photo Screenshot 118_zpswh8xpfzk.png
 photo Screenshot 85_zpsxjozkxoi.png
 photo Screenshot 100_zpsbrxzgxn6.png


Photos via @jamieandthejones, @helloemilie@mixedbusinessla, @heyjudeshop, @loq, @naninstudio, @lacausaclothing, @mirandabennettstudio and @prismboutique



It’s currently blizzarding outside (and yes I am aware that blizzarding is not a word, but we’re just going to go with it,) and I figured I would put together an inspiration post. I may not be a huge fan of the cold, but I do love layers, chunky knits and the neutral colors that always come with the winter season.

I love the combination of cream, grey, white, tan, black…the list goes on. These shades look so luxe together and I really am a fan of the camel color which seems to be growing in popularity this season.

I tried to go outside for a bit, mainly because my fiance wanted to go “play” in the snow, but I didn’t last long. The snow was blowing all up in my face and I was not a fan. Call me a wimp, but I’ll wait till the snow stops falling and then I’ll venture out again. In the meantime enjoy these photos!!

camel inspo 7

camel inspo 5
Screenshot (76)

Screenshot (75)
Screenshot (74)

Screenshot (73)
Screenshot (72)

Screenshot (77)
inspo camel 4

camel inspo 8
camel inspo 4

Screenshot (81)

Screenshot (80)

Screenshot (79)
Screenshot (78)

These photos are not my own. Via Everlane, Aritzia, Michelle Madsen, Yvan Rodic, Tona Stell and Suitcase Magazine


A couple weeks ago I started the Fashion Industry Essentials online certificate program offered by Teen Vogue and Parsons School of Design. It’s been a lot of work between the online lessons and assignments and working two jobs, but it has been a lot of fun! The second course focuses on design and I feel way out of my league in that area as I have never made any article of clothing before, but in a week’s time I will have made my first blouse! It may not be sewn, possibly taped together, but I will create something that at least resembles a blouse…fingers crossed!!

One of my assignments today tasked me with creating an inspiration explosion. Basically I ran around and grabbed items in my apartment that I was drawn to and then arranged those items into my inspiration display. I actually quite enjoyed the activity and this was what I came up with.

inspiration explosion

I’m inspired by so many things and having them all in one place just made me so happy inside. I know that sounds cheesy, but whatever it’s true!!

If you’re interested in applying, check out their website here!


As much as I love the warmer weather and laying out by the pool, I am ready for fall. I’m ready for cool breezes and chunky sweaters. I’m ready for tights and booties. And I’m ready for fall colors — burnt orange, mustard, neutrals!! Burnt orange is by far my favorite color and I’m so excited to bring it out!! I mean I do wear it year round — I’m not one to wear specific colors only during certain times of the year — but burnt orange just screams fall!

Sorry for the picture overload. I was just too excited for the new season and couldn’t pick just a couple pictures! I loved them all!

“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature has been saving up all year for the grand finale.”

— Lauren DeStefano

fall inspo 20
fall inspo 35

fall inspo 19
fall inspo 16

fall inspo 43
fall inspo 40
fall inspo 7

fall inspo 39

fall inspo 38
fall inspo 37
fall inspo 36

fall inspo 17
fall inspo 31
fall inspo 18
fall inspo 34
fall inspo 33
fall inspo 30
fall inspo 32
fall inspo 15
fall inspo 12
fall inspo 29
fall inspo 28
fall inspo 27
fall inspo 26

fall inspo 14

fall inspo 13
fall inspo 11
fall inspo 10
fall inspo 6
fall inspo 5
fall inspo 4
fall inspo 3
fall inspo 2
fall insp 1
fall inspo 25
fall inspo 24
fall inspo 23
fall inspo 21


These photos are not my own.


I cannot wait until spring!! I repeat — I. Cannot. Wait. I’m so tired of the cold and the snow. I want to be able to go outside without having to pile on the layers. I want to be able to enjoy my walk to class and not lose the feeling in my fingers and toes along the way. I want to be able to walk without crying because the wind is so strong and so cold (no I don’t cry just because it’s cold). But mostly, I want to bring out my floral dresses, rompers and short-sleeve tees!!

When you’re young, the snow is fun because you can go sledding and make snowmen, but as you get older the snow loses its appeal. Maybe it’s because instead of playing in it, you have to shovel it. No bueno! I’m hoping that the last of the snow has fallen and that spring is on it’s way. Hey, we’re starting to reach the 40s and 50s in Virginia so I’m feeling pretty optimistic!

In the meantime, I’ve collected some seasonal inspiration — flowers and floral fashion mostly. Enjoy!

lusting spring
lusting spring 15
lusting spring 23
lusting spring 26
lusting spring 25
lusting spring 21
lusting spring 29
lusting spring 28
lusting spring 20
lusting spring 19
lusting spring 33
lusting spring 32
lusting spring 18
lusting spring 16
lusting spring 13
lusting spring 14
lusting spring 12
lusting spring 11
lusting spring 4
lusting spring 10
lusting spring 9
lusting spring 8
lusting spring 30
lusting spring 7
lusting spring 5
lusting spring 3
lusting spring 31
lusting spring 2
lusting spring 17
lusting spring 34


These photos are not my own.