My Audience

I started my blog a year and a half ago and I currently have 5,092 page views and 117 followers. Obviously that’s not a ton, but I can admit that I don’t post as regularly as I should. Sometimes life just gets so busy and I become preoccupied with other things. I definitely want to work on posting more often and come up with some sort of regular schedule of when posts go up so my readers know when to expect new pictures and articles.

As for my small audience, the majority of my views come from the United States (1,417). But I also have some views from countries all over the world including Turkey, Ireland, Algeria, Bermuda and Macedonia. Below is a list of the top 10 countries my viewers come from.

Screenshot (155)

The two posts that have gotten the most views are my Style File on Behati Prinsloo and an article I wrote on Christy Dawn and her dress line. From this, I’m going to assume that my readers like when I share about other people or designers I like. My personal style posts get a fair share of views, but maybe if I post more about other people and designers I could get more views. My top referrer is Google. I get the most views on Saturdays and the most popular hour is 4 p.m.