Retail Marketing

Today I went to J.Jill with my mom and I was really feeling the holiday spirit within the store. It wasn’t as literal as some stores where there were Christmas trees and presents, but the colors screamed holiday, just in a fashionable way. It wasn’t all green and red, but more reds, creams, whites and browns.

I liked this display in the center of the store because it featured a lot of the new items and gave customers an idea as to how they could style the items. I also liked how they showed several sweaters wrapped with a red bow giving customers the idea that these tops make a good gift. All of the clothing on mannequins was located directly behind on the rack making it easy for customers to find the items if they liked them. That’s something I really appreciated because I’ve been to stores where I’ve see a mannequin wearing something I like, but then I couldn’t find it in the store. So frustrating!

I really just loved that this display was festive without being over-the-top.

They also had socks in the lower right hand corner (I just happened to cut them out of the picture). The bin that the socks were in said they made great stocking stuffers. I liked that they had an item that was available at a lower price point featured in the display because not everyone wants to or has the ability to spend nearly $100 for holiday gifts.



Unfortunately I don’t have a picture from inside the Anthropologie I work at, but the displays inside are incredible. The merchandising team has been working tirelessly moving product around and moving shelving units to create the atmosphere of a small town with different shops. Each area of the store (denim, lounge, candles and home goods etc.) is supposed to feel like a mini shop within our one store. Right when you come in there are several Christmas trees creating quite a festive atmosphere. The tables are turned in such a way that customers are directed to the right where all of our candles (which make quite nice gifts) are located. From there most customers end up making a circle around our entire store. The fitting room is located right in the middle of the store with wall of clothing surrounding it, making it hard for customers not to journey through the entire store.

I have to say, I didn’t know much about merchandising before starting my job at Anthropologie. I never realized how much time goes into moving product and deciding if it should should be hung or folded/how it should be folded. But it’s truly amazing how different the store can feel with the same merchandise inside. When products get moved or go from being folded to hung, customers can discover things they didn’t see before, even if those same items have been in the store for weeks!