Signature Bag Mock-up

I used my 70s minimalism style board to create this signature bag. It’s essentially an envelope bag, but instead of the sharp point of an envelope, I decided to curve the edges of the opening flap to make it more soft. The fabrics I thought would be ideal for the bag, and that would also work with the 70s minimalism style, are wine faux suede, black faux leather/vinyl and burnt umber faux crocodile vinyl. I opted for faux materials because I love animals and have been a vegetarian for more than five years. I wanted to use materials that wouldn’t harm animals and since they are faux, they make the purse more affordable. I would also add a gold magnetic snap on the inside of the flap to close the bag and add an ornamental gold button on the outside (similar to the one in the picture).

To come up with my production costs, I calculated how much fabric I used in square inches to see what the cost would be in each of the three fabrics I selected. I used 227 sq. inches for my mock-up so to calculate the cost of using the wine faux suede I created a proportion. The wine faux suede is $17.99/yd and a yard is 54 in. x 36 in. thus it is $17.99 for 1,944 sq. inches of fabric. I knew I needed 227 sq. inches so I multiplied 227 by $17.99 and then divided by 1,944 to get the cost of making one bag. The total production costs ranged from $17.58 to $18.36 so I decided to price the bag at $30.
faux suede
faux leather
faux croc
Screenshot (106)
Screenshot (105)