Signature Bag Product

I made my striped fabric by attaching different colored ribbons to the base cream fabric and I wasn’t completely happy with how it turned out, but I tried. At least you can tell that this bag looks like the mock-up. It’s not the prettiest with the fraying edges but it looks like a purse so overall I was happy with it.


The cost of this bag was less than with the faux suede and leather because my materials weren’t as “nice” as those I selected for the mock-up. Although this bag took me longer to make, since it didn’t look as nice and wasn’t made from the best materials I priced it at $25 which would still allow for a profit that is very similar to the mock-up designs.

For this bag I accounted for only 200 sq. inches of fabric plus the 53 inches of ribbon used for the bag strap. In the mockup, the 227 sq. inches included the material for the strap because my vision would be for the whole bag (strap included) to be made from the fabrics I selected.

Screenshot (116)