Production Standards

Size has never been something that I paid much attention to because as long as I felt comfortable I was set. The size I tend to buy most often is small, but I also have bought items that are extra small, large and even extra large. Then you add numerical sizes into the equation and it can get tricky. It’s so confusing to me how numerical sizes are so inconsistent and how they change depending on the country. For example, an Australian size 6 is equivalent to a US size 2. All of this makes it virtually impossible to have a “perfect” or “universal” size.

This past weekend I went to Macy’s and had a nearly hour-long fit session. I tried on a variety of items and sizes to see what fit best and I wasn’t too surprised by my findings.

I tried on blazers from Calvin Klein, dresses from Vince Camuto and Nine West, tanks from Nike and Ideology, pants from Ideology and a poncho from Fraas with sizes ranging from 2 to 14. And what did I find? Well, for me, everything fit. However, let me just say that my definition of fit is quite broad. The smaller-sized items fit, as in they weren’t too tight and I was able to get them on, but I don’t care much for fitted clothing. The larger items also fit because I was able to get them on and they fit more to my liking since I like my clothes to be loose and flowy.

Calvin Klein top — size 14
Ideology tank — size small
Calvin Klein jacket — size 6
Vince Camuto dress — size 4
Nine West dress — size 2

The item I chose that fit best (and that I was able to find more than two identical others of) was a Nike athletic tank. The small fit best, according to my standards, so I tried on five other smalls. They all had very similar fits with low-cut arm holes and a loose look, but I did notice that some of the necklines and arm holes seemed a bit lower than others. Perhaps they were stretched from being tried on or maybe that’s where the 1/2″ tolerance comes into play. I actually ended up buying the tank in black because I thought it would be perfect as an exercise shirt and as a lounge-around-the-house top.

Nike tank — size small
Nike tank — size small
Nike tank — size small

Size is just a number…or a word. It will continue to change depending on what store you are in or what country you are in. I mean look how similar the fit is on the Calvin Klein size 14 tank and the Ideology size small tank. And yes I did re-check the tag. It was a size 14!

All I have to say about size is if it fits and you like it then go for it. Who cares what the number is as long as you feel good in it!